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We first opened our doors in 2000 as a family business. While we are proud of our growth and achievements over the years, we feel it is what we fondly call the "3 P's" that has kept our vision and product as fresh and invigorated as the day we opened.

Always first and foremost. An involved sales promotion girl taking the time to educate a customer about our products. A dedicated customer working with our personels to rebuild not only a relationship, but ultimately an entire community. The personal pleasure of lifelong friendships with many of our regular customers. And talk about seeing a friendly face in the morning, there is our amazing family of associates. Many who have been with us. It's these day-to-day relationships that energize our mission.

Passion is the word that best captures our fascination and obsession with innovative, high-quality design. While many of our customers are more than familiar with the Nakami Collections look, what most of them don't know is that the majority of our designs are created exclusively for us. If you could only see our customers. They travel the nation developing new product ideas with skilled craftsmen and artists. And talk about picky. You should see how many prototypes we reject until every curve of a vase, every stem on a goblet, every weave is just how we want it. Our passion for product is what started Nakami Collections. And it will always be what moves us forward.

First impressions are lasting. At Nakami Collections, we present our products to help your eye focus on shape, form, color, and function. Our Housewares and Kitchenwares Collection are creatively arranged in a crisp, clean, architectural setting designed to make you feel at home so you can visualize how it will all feel in your home. We pace your experience in our counters with a surprise at every turn. An unexpected take on things that will catch your eye, a spontaneous setting that will invite you to touch, a thoughtful pairing of objects that will make you think... what if?

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